2022: Julia attended a Method-Acting course in Los Angeles.
Julia plays a police officer in Die Unbekannte by Valentin Boczkowski. The movie is shown in January 2019 in Rexkino Darmstadt. Also shown in Rexkino is the movie "Der Krieg ist vorbei" (the war is over) by Sergey Zhemkov with Julia as a doctor.
In December 2018 she moderated the dance event "Warum tanze ich?" at Gallustheater.
2018 the short film Kinderspiel, with Julia as a therapist, will be finished soon.
Julia has made a self-made shortie for the SMS contest 2017 at film festival Munich.
"Carrot Plain" with Julia will be shown at Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival in September 2016.
May 2016: Julia played the main character in the short film "Der Zahnarzttermin" - produced during the "Gorilla 48" film competition.
May 2016: The short film "Carrot Plain" with Julia will be shown at Cannes Film Festival.
In June 2014 Julia was part of the jury of Gorilla 48 film competition.
February 2014: Julia has just finished screening the movie "Meki und Lena".
In March 2014 Julia will be in a commercial.
movie "Wanderer im Exil"
The production "Wanderer im Exil" won 2 awards at 'Shorts' film festival in Offenburg. Julia is playing nurse Anna.
2013 Julia participated in advanced training of 'Meissner technique' with Hendrik Martz
intensive film acting coaching in Los Angeles
In February and March 2012 Julia worked again with David Kagen, Mark Brady, Brett Rickaby and Jordan Lund at David Kagen’s School of Film Acting in Los Angeles.
Acting training
In January 2012 Julia attended acting training with directors Nicole Weegmann and Richard Huber.

Red Carpet Reports
Julia is a journalist and photographer for the Online Magazine Red Carpet Reports.
Julia is a member of the BFFS (German screen actors guild).